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Welcome to the Pension Tracing Service

Are you one of the millions of people who have a lost or unclaimed pensions?

There could be many reasons as to why you need our Pension Tracing Service, for example, having a lost a pension due to moving homes or changing employment.  You may even need to trace the pension of an individual that has passed away.

Our Pension Tracing Service is FREE and has no obligation.  We handle most aspects of tracking down these unclaimed pensions saving you time and money.  We even take the process that step extra by reviewing the pension once found and explaining the outcome in more information by providing  you with a personal pension statement.  This statement will show you some important information such as what your pension is currently worth, what funds your plan is invested in and what you are likely to receive in retirement.

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Our Service Can Help You With:

  • Tracing Lost, Old or Unclaimed pensions
  • FREE No Obligation Consultation
  • Reviewing Existing Pensions
  • Improving Your Retirement
  • Answering All Your Questions
  • Our easy 5 step pension tracing process

    We’ve prepared a short video explaining how our process works from start to finish.

Pension Review

Are you due a Pension Review?

Thousands of pensions in the UK are currently under performing and this is why a Pension Review is vital.  Our review will be able to tell you how your pension is performing, good or bad, as well as uncovering any nest eggs in old pensions or old serps pensions they you may have forgotten about.  This Pension Review is free and has  no obligation.

With Pension Fund returns and Annuity pay-outs at all-time lows, it is more important now than ever to ensure your hard earned money is working as well as it could possibly to suit your needs.

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serps pension

Have you built up a Nest Egg with a SERPS Pension?

Did you contract out of a SERPS Pension in the 70′s or 80′s?  If so, you could well discover a potential Nest Egg waiting for you. Thousands of UK residents are unaware that there are millions in unclaimed serps pensions and all anyone needs to do to claim a theirs, would be to apply with us

A recent article in the Mirror claimed there were as much as £5.5 billion in unclaimed pensions including SERPS pension plans. Pension Tracing Service has helped hundreds of clients tracking down their pensions and providing them with a free pension review.

Find out if you have a NEST EGG waiting for you