The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

We have tried to make our Pension Tracing Service as simple as possible with our easy 5 step process. However, we know that pensions can be difficult to understand so we have detailed some of the most frequently asked questions below:

  • How much will this service cost?

    Our Pension Tracing Service is FREE of charge and holds no obligations.

    This means that you can apply and we will do the work for you, without the worry of costs.

  • Why trace a pension?

    There are a few reasons why you should trace your pension through our Pension Tracing Service, mainly for the following reasons:

    • To find any missing pension pots that would benefit your retirement
    • To see if your pensions are performing or under-performing
    • To see if the pension is invested in the right funds according to your attitude to risk
    • To eventually look at consolidating all of your pensions and having them in one place which would be easier to manage
  • How does our service differ from the DWP?

    The Department of Work and Pensions also offers a free pension tracing service, where you can search by employer or a pension provider in order to obtain contact details. Although this service is free, we’re able to take additional steps in the process by offering added services such as retrieving valuations, providing initial consultations, reviewing your current arrangements and providing financial advice if you should wish to proceed with any recommendations.

  • My pension has been located - what happens next?

    Once we have found your pensions, we compile all the information into your own personal pension statement.  We then get our pension agents to get in contact and arrange a time that is most convenient to yourself, for a qualified pension adviser to discuss your information in more detail and go through any questions you may have.

    The qualified pension adviser will also be able to tell you what would be the recommended next step based on a number of things such as your attitude to risk and whether your current pension is performing well or not.

  • Why transfer a pension?

    Transferring a pension is the process of moving your pension fund from your current provider over to a new provider.

    There are many reasons to why someone would look at a transfer and some of these are as follows:

    • If you’re paying too much in fees, a transfer to a lower charging provider or fund
    • If you pension is performing poorly, the transfer to a better performing fund could help the pension get back on track
    • If you have more than 1 pension, you could look to consolidate these into 1 plan as you would do with credit cards for example.  This helps reduce the overall charging across the plans.

    Before deciding to transfer any pensions, be sure to take advantage of our FREE advice on what you should do.
    It may turn out that you already have a good plan and dont have a need to do a pension transfer.

  • What about the State Pension

    We offer advice and have expertise in with most pension types.
    When it comes to the state pension, we believe that its better to talk direct with the source.

    Please click here to visit the GOV.UK site for state pensions.

    You can also calculate when you’ll reach State Pension age or Pension Credit qualifying age and how much you may get in today’s money for your basic State Pension by using the State Pension Calculator

  • Why Choose Us?

    • Our pension tracing service is FREE and has no obligations
    • Our dedicated pension tracing team are readily available to help with your questions or concerns by phone, email or live chat
    • Our process is simple and takes the hassle out of doing this with the DWP or by yourself
  • This website describes our Pension Tracing Service. We are not affiliated with the Government’s Pension Tracing Service and if you have come to our site by mistake you can find the UK Government’s Pension tracing service at https://www.gov.uk/find-pension-contact-details

  • Questions?

    If you would prefer to speak with one of our pension tracing agents on the phone, please call us on:

    08000 271 300