• High Pension Charges?


    Up to 80% of what you pay towards your pension could be taken as fees.

    Research has shown that employees saving for retirement and being overcharged by excessive hidden charges.

    In one case, it was found that someone paying £200 per month over 40 years into a pension, would have saved up a total of £120,000.00 with tax relief.  At the same time, they would also have accrued charges amounting to £99,900.00.

    According to industry experts, fees have risen because of the way pensions are managed.

    If you have paid into a pension or are currently paying into a pension, do you know what your providers are charging you?

    By giving us a FREE call on 08000 966 354 or by completing our enquiry form, you could be on your way to finding out what your charges are?

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