• Pension Reviews Minimize Retirement Income Gaps


    Retirement planning is a crucial function. More and more people have to take an active role in ensuring sufficient funds for living expenses after passing state pension age. Conducting a pension review identifies income gaps. Additionally, reviewing pensions regularly alerts its owners take action to offset income shortfalls.

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    • Pension Reviews Aid in Retirement Planning
    • When to Have Pension Reviews

    Pension Reviews Minimize Retirement Income Gaps

    What Are Pension Reviews:

    A pension review is a check-up. It is a close look to determine if it will generate enough income for retirement. As part of overall retirement planning, reviewing pensions give future retirees an idea of how well their plan performs. A pension review takes into account other retirement plan elements like income from a business, share investments or a rental property. And, a pension review helps weigh the need to work beyond state pension age.

    Reasons for Reviewing Pensions:

    As mentioned above, doing a pension review is the best way to check a plan’s performance. Also, reviewing pensions signal when to take necessary action. Reviewing pensions may mean changing funds within the plan to make your money work harder. It may mean adding a personal pension plan to ensure that the income needed is available at retirement. A pension review starts this process.

    Pension Reviews Aid in Retirement Planning:

    Besides ensuring adequate retirement income, reviewing pensions help determine if a person needs to take additional actions to meet retirement goals. A pension review may suggest increasing personal savings, tracing old pension schemes, or transferring old pension schemes to better performing plans.

    How to Obtain a Pension Reviews:

    Having retirement goals makes pension reviews effective according to sites like Moneyfact.co.uk. A retirement plan estimates how much income you need on reaching state pension age. Next, trace old pensions using a pension tracing service. This last step involves applying to our FREE pension tracing service. Our service works with an easy 5 step process.  Find out more.


    Pension reviews are an invaluable part of retirement planning. Reviewing pensions help determine if funds are sufficient for retirement and alerts future retiree of potential gaps. To get the most out of a pension review a person should know their estimated state pension and have a list of all pensions.

    Successful retirement planning includes knowing your retirement goals. Once the retirement plan is in place, conduct pension reviews. Reviewing pensions regularly gives its owners an active way to ensure they can continue their lifestyle after state pension age.



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